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205 Feddan Project

The 205

The 205 feddan project is a co-development project of a JV of El Badr for Commercial Developments, Badreldine Real Estate Development, and Palm Hills Developments. The JV will develop a total land area of 205 feddans with an allowable BUA of 1,033,700 sqm in the heart of Sheikh Zayed city. The mixed-use development will include two 45 story high rise towers (the highest in west Cairo), a hospital, clinic building, a school, retail, offices, entertainment space, as well as a luxury residential complex.  75% of the land plot will be allocated for the commercial development and 25% of the land will be allocated for residential development.

The 205 feddan land plot is strategically located in the most prime location in West Cairo. The land has around 1.1km of frontage on the 26th of July spine which is the main spine connecting West Cairo of the central part of Cairo.